Emma Mihill



BA Hons, ND, NT Dip CNM, Dip Irid, BANT, CNHC


Kitchen Smart GUT


What does the workshop entail?

* Learn what exactly your gut bacteria is responsibe for
* Understand why your microbiome is so important
* Experience which foods feed your microbiota
* Learn what environments, foods and occasions turn your microbiota into an inflammatory state
* Take home key recipes, tried in the kitchen to feed your bacteria the best and feel great

This is a four hour workshop held in a kitchen environment, where you will learn what your microbiome is and why it is so important, the key factors that disturb it, how to nourish it and how to repair it.  Emma is an experienced lecturer and uses these skills to create a learning environment that will leave you feeling knowledgable and physically able to put this knowledge into practice in your own kitchen.