Emma Mihill



BA Hons, ND, NT Dip CNM, Dip Irid, BANT, CNHC


Nutritional Therapy Consultation.

What happens?

Prior to your initial consultation, you will receive a welcome pack to complete and return, by email, before our first meeting.


Your initial consultation will last one hour where a thorough investigation into your history (medical and otherwise) from birth until present, your diet, your environment (current and past), any stressors you have, any triggering events you are aware of and any other relevant information will be analysed.


There may be further diagnostic testing recommended, of which Emma uses reputable companies.  These may include stool analyses, blood analyses or urine analyses.


You will leave the session with a plan including dietary, environmental and supplemental recommendations and will be given a follow up date to check on progress.


What is the cost?

Initial consultation (1 hour): £95

Follow up consultation (30 minutes): £55


What is involved in the follow up?

The session will last 30 minutes.  An hour session can be booked for a follow up, if required, charging £85.  Your adherance to your plan and any difficulties or successes will be discussed, test reports will be explained and further recommendations on lifestyle changes will be suggested.


How do I receive my plan?

Your plan will be emailed to you after each session




Payment can be made by cash or cheque only, or alternatively BACS payment before consultation.





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Sevenoaks, Kent